Functional Medicine


A la carte - Consultation

  • detailed health questionnaire

  • 1 medical consultation x 60 minutes

  • personalised health plan (prices for lab tests not included)

  • price: £295 (one-time payment)

It all starts with an in-depth health questionnaire that you fill in before coming to the initial consultation. You’ll answer questions about your present symptoms, medical and family history, your treatment, your lifestyle and habits and much more.

Then you’ll be prescribed various medical tests as needed, to be done in a laboratory and/or with home kits, such as metabolic, microbiome, hormones, vitamin tests and/or others.

During the second consultation, usually at least 3 weeks following your tests, we will discuss the test results and refine your health plan.

During the follow-up consultation we will see how your health is evolving and continue to refine your personalised health recommendations and treatment. Plus, your consultations don’t finish when you close the office door. You’re able to have regular interactions with your doctor and continue giving feedback about how you’re perceiving your "health level".


Follow Up Package

  • 6 medical consultations x 60 minutes

  • unlimited communication by email and text messages

  • personalised health plan

  • price: £1170 for 6 months (one-time payment)

Everyone knows that eating healthily and getting regular exercise are good for you, but many people struggle to turn this into a daily routine. Moreover, many of us have hidden bad habits that can negatively impact our physical capacities and energy, not to mention their contributions to our risks for chronic diseases and accelerated ageing.

When you think of sports champions, can you imagine a single one, no matter their talent, preparing alone, without a coach's guidance? If you want to increase your performance, whether physical or cognitive, changing your habits and increasing your willpower on a daily basis, you might benefit from the support of a coach when trying to achieve your goals.

During your follow-up, we will regularly review the evolution of your symptoms and health goals, adjust your treatment, and refine your behaviour to optimise your health and wellbeing.


360° Assessment

  • comprehensive checkup (blood tests, urine, stool, saliva)

  • Initial medical consultation

  • Second medical consultation to discuss the tests results

  • personalised health plan

  • price: £1400 (one-time payment)

Always on the road or in a plane? Being super busy shouldn’t be an additional obstacle to being healthy, especially since your health shouldn’t wait. To make things run smoothly and efficiently, together we will establish your check-up logistics down to the smallest detail and group them in way that best fits your busy agenda.

Because your check-up will be tailored for you, you’ll first have an initial medical consultation and a detailed health questionnaire and we will choose the most relevant tests for you. Whether in a lab or at home, your check-up will be quick and easy. Some tests check your blood, and others can be done home (such as stress tests using saliva, urine, testing stool for intestinal flora, etc.).